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Background and Purposes

The founders of Clean Fuel Engineering Enterprise Co., Ltd are experienced in researching and developing vital equipment and weaponry for the Royal Thai Air Force. We realize that electric power is a clean and pollution free energy. It has become popular in the automobile industry as can be observed by the increasing number of electric powered vehicles with batteries. At present, this kind of vehicle has been mainly imported, especially those used in golf courses, tourist areas, hotels, resorts and big industrial estates. Therefore, manufacturing our own electric powered vehicle will result in many benefits such as

  • a reduction in the amount of gasoline imported
  • a reduction in pollution both noise and air
  • a reduction in expensive electric powered vehicles imported so we don't lose our trade balance

For all the reasons mentioned above, our founders have been researching and developing our products. Nowadays, we can manufacture 90% electric powered vehicles and spare parts using locally produced raw materials.


  • to be a leader in the electric powered vehicle market in Thailand
  • to be an exporter of electric powered vehicles, especially to America, Asia, and Europe
  • to be a manufacturer of spare parts of a great number of imported electric powered vehicles for which spare parts can't be found locally
  • to expand the manufacturing capacity in order to support market expansion in the future
  • to continually develop technology and its efficiency for the optimal benefit of the users

Air Marshal Morakod Chansumruard, a retired official, aged 73, the president of Clean Fuel Energy Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the inventor who through his research has set up the method and procedures for the production of the electric powered vehicles. Various types of these vehicles have been used in golf courses, villages, public parks, resorts, hotels and factories. He also invented electric vehicles, including the "electric Tuk Tuk called Arunsawadi," which are used in the inner city where the traffic is very heavy. This Tuk Tuk, being strong and durable, is considered to represent Thai identity.

Past Important Position

  • Director of Directorate of Armament, RTAF
  • Commander of Science and Weapon System Development Center, RTAF

Important achievements

  • Awarded the Dushdi Mala from His Majesty the King on 26 March 1989 as a result of his invention of the Royal Thai Air Force Rocket, which belongs to the "Haofa"family of rockets.
  • Received financial prize from the National Research Institute, in 1988, from his invention of the Rocket "Haofa" on behalf of the Royal Thai Air Force.

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